5 Simple Self-Care Tips

Sometimes all it takes is some self-love to destress and get back on track with your daily hustle. We are no expects but generally speaking, women tend to have higher stress levels. This is the exact reason we believe women should dedicate some time taking care of themselves and maintain an internal balance. 

Here are a few tips to improve your everyday life!

  1. Declutter

Have you heard of the phrase? “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today”

Our space and mind is curated from yesterday and all the other days before that. We hold onto stuff because “it’ll be useful in the future” or “it’s for the memories and I want to keep it forever.” Letting go of stuff is difficult because we want to be reminded of the experiences dear to our hearts. Although clutter sparks up momentary joy, it can also be a distraction or blockage. 

Decluttering our space or mind might just be one of the simplest and best thing we can do for ourselves. It is time to get rid of things that no longer serve us a purpose!

  1. Meditation

Recently, mediation has gained incredible momentum. Many meditation apps and studios have launched their guide to daily mindfulness. 

Meditating is known to be beneficial for the mind, body and soul. It helps with managing mental and physical stress-related issues which results in a clearer mind. Dealing with difficult situations can be challenging but practicing meditation can put our minds at ease. This type of calmness and relaxation also leads to better sleep.

  1. Celebrate 

Acknowledge the small and big wins because they matter remind us of our accomplishments. After all, celebrating puts us in our best mood and releases endorphins throughout the body. Not only does this make us feel great physically, but it also reinforces the behavior of facing new challenges with goals.

  1. Healthy Eating

To no surprise, feeding our body with nutrient-packed foods correlates to how well our body and mind functions. Not only will this boost our daily mood and production, we will also gain overall long-term positive effects! Some of the most beneficial foods include veggies and fruits, not the most delicious but our bodies will thank us in the future. 

  1. Spoil Yourself

Retail therapy is a real thing and we deserve to splurge once in awhile! Spoil yourself, your friends, your sistas, and mom with some new new! We have the perfect gifts for any occasion. 

If you’ve spent some time with yourself and tried our tips, let us know how it went! We would love to hear all about it on insta or email us at info@aurori.co.


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