How To Find Your Ring Size

Have you been eyeing a few rings you’re madly in love with but you aren’t sure what size to get?

Finding the perfect ring size may be difficult when you don’t have a ring sizer, but we have the perfect solution. To help you measure your ring size in the comfort of your home and with little equipment, we made an easy guide for you!


You can easily measure the size of your finger with a piece of paper or string:

Tools you’ll need: paper/ string, scissors, and ruler (inches or millimeters).

  1. First, cut a thin piece of paper or string that can easily wrap around your finger.
  2. Wrap the paper or string around your fingers to measure the distance of the whole finger.
  3. Mark the location of where the paper or string meets.
  4. Measure the paper or string with your ruler, using inches or millimeters. (Use millimeters to be most accurate)
  5. Use the chart to determine your ring size.

You have rings that fit but you’re not sure what size they are:

Tool you’ll need: a ruler (millimeters).

  1. Measure the diameter of the ring using the ruler.
  2. Use the chart to determine your ring size.


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