Let’s Talk About Rings

In a world where there are so many different kinds of ring trends, designs, and styles, you might be overwhelmed with all the choices.

 At Aurori, we pride ourselves in designing special rings made for every woman regardless of lifestyle or influence. Each piece holds significance and is worn as a reminder for all of them. From minimal to bold, you will find a piece that complements your style. Are you looking for dainty rings? Bold rings? Trendy rings? Unique rings? We got you covered!


 Our dainty pieces include the Knot Ring, Pave Diamond Ring, and the Cuff Diamond Ring. Versatile and dainty pieces are so universal. Wear them alone for a subtle elegance or stack them for a bolder look. Our favorite way to wear dainty pieces is layering them with multiple rings for a statement or the perfect dainty combo. All our minimal rings are meant to be timeless essentials you can wear and forget about- yet it still carries a meaning.
Our bolder pieces include the Je t’aime Signet Ring, Adelaide Thin Dome Ring, and the Cigar Ring. A bolder ring worn alone is the perfect edgy statement that radiates a vintage feel mixed with a bit of modern shine. Stack your bold pieces for a complete duo admired from far away or just to elevate your assortment.

The Je t’aime Signet Ring, our newest, is our current favorite intricate and unique piece.


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