About Cecilia 

“I have always been obsessed with jewellery. Ever since I was young, I always felt most confident when I am wearing some sort of accessory. I love how something as simple and delicate as jewellery, can change up an entire look.”

Aurori Collective was found in 2018, after I moved from Los Angeles, California to Sydney, Australia. Prior to moving to Sydney, I worked in DTLA as a buyer at a well-known e-commerce fast fashion company. During this time, I was able to purchase jewellery directly from our vendors, and I frequently did because I always thought of fine jewellery as an unattainable luxury. I was a newly College graduate, I simply could not afford the 5x-10x markup.

It wasn’t until Coachella of 2018, when I decided to purchase a rose pendant (quite trendy at the time) from a different fast-fashion e-commerce retailer, that I said enough is enough. My beloved rose pendant went from shiny gold to a dark, tarnished brown after just one day of wear. I realised at that moment, that not only was fast-fashioned jewellery unsustainable, it isn't a good value for money either. 

After my move to Sydney, I decided to pursue this idea in my head that there had to be a better way. After months and months of brainstorming, researching, and trial and error, Aurori Collective was born. With this brand, I hope to bring ‘slow fashion’ at an affordable price. I want to reinvent classic and timeless silhouettes and create pieces that are meaningful and versatile. I want to create jewellery that will withstand the test of time. I want to create pieces you will love and wear, that won’t turn tarnish brown or green. You can read my efforts for sustainability here. 

Yes, it’s been a long journey, and yes, there’s an even longer road ahead. But I believe with a passion for jewellery, creating change, and being 100% committed, I am just getting started.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, and helping me write my story.

- c