‘Slow Fashion’

We believe in ‘slow fashion’ at an affordable price. We are very considerate of the materials we use: only 925 Sterling Silver with real 14k or 18k Gold Vermeil/Gold Plate- prolonging the wear of our pieces. We stay away from fashion-fashion related metals such brass and other miscellaneous metals as brass earrings are not always hypoallergenic.

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Consciously Created

We work with a tight knit of jewellers around the world whom value responsible & safe working practices for their artisans. Each Aurori piece is designed, filed, and polished by hand.

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Small Batch 

All of our pieces are made in small batch runs to reduce wastage. They are available until sold out, but if there is a piece you’ve been eyeing that’s gone send us a message here. We may bring it back if there’s enough love!


Meaningful and Versatile

We strive to create pieces that are meaningful and versatile. Aurori focuses on reinventing classic silhouettes and creating meaningful gems that can last through trends and compliment your everyday wardrobe. Our jewellery is meant to withstand the test of time (with proper care.) Our pieces are also designed to be worn or layered together, so you get more wear out of your pieces.